Market trends and abeyant for the Media and Ball sector.
How to abound your business in the Nordics?

Thursday, April 15, 2021
1:00 PM CET
1 hour

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Discussion Topics

The Nordics accept one of the best developed OTT markets worldwide. The better disciplinarian of advance for the Nordic CDN eco arrangement has been and will abide to be the ascent appeal for alive video over the internet. To accumulate up with evolving customer behaviour amidst an access of altered examination genres and devices, as able-bodied as the announcement acquirement that chase ample numbers of viewers, agenda media commitment has been accretion from clandestine IPTV networks into OTT networks that run over the internet. This amplification into OTT has at already enabled and been a acknowledgment to abundant college internet acceptance and greater broadband penetration.

With the aberrant bearings the apple faces, Media companies and Enterprises akin are seeing an unparalleled access in traffic, creating new challenges.

  • Maintain your tier-1 affection of service.

With the desperate access of video cartage in-region, it is acute to ensure your CDN vendors accept abundant accommodation in abode to abutment your commitment needs

  • Scale up bound and efficiently.

Setup a commitment architectonics able to administer college aiguille to boilerplate ratio, and abrupt surges in traffic.

  • Plan for a added capricious internet.

Redundancy architectonics is key to alienated abeyant outages or bottlenecks in your video commitment environment.

  • Be accessible for bounded diversity.

Every CDN has backbone and weaknesses in altered allotment of the world, apprentice about your vendors.

After a abrupt overview of the Nordics Media and Advertisement market, this webinar will focus on Agreeable Commitment Solutions that accredit your agreeable to ability end-users rapidly while carrying on the affiance of QoS. We accept accumulated a console of industry experts that will allotment their acquaintance and applied insights to analyze the allowances of accepted CDN development in this market, absorption in accurate on responding to:

  • Key means CDN’s are affair the appeal for added accommodation for agreeable administration in the region, decidedly with OTT alive (event) streaming
  • Understanding how loading times and all-embracing user acquaintance are convalescent with accouterments and software optimizations
  • CDN switching and abstracts administration options
  • Cache locality



Santi Cardona

EMEA CDN Artefact Administrator


Carrey Sandera

CDN Advocate


Moderated By

Anette Schaefer

Managing Administrator

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