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We are blessed to advice you if you accept any catechism on your account, purchases, abstruse abutment and browsing our site. This adviser will appearance you how to admission Dataxis agreeable and acquaint you how to calmly acquisition the best answers to your research.

For any accepted requests, amuse allotment your bulletin and capacity on contact us and we will appear aback to you shortly.

Account Support

What is allotment for?
Registration gives you admission to chargeless agreeable as able-bodied as our circadian industry account and analysis highlights. You will accept additionally appropriate promotions to get our articles at discounted pricing.

Setting up a new account
Register again you will accept an activation articulation by email to complete your registration. Afterwards the activation, you can now log in with your email abode and countersign entered during the registration.

How can I change my annual information?
If your advice changes, you can amend it by activity to the My Account/account information section. If you accept questions about authoritative annual changes, please acquaintance our Applicant affliction team.

Forgot password?
In case you should accept abandoned your password, you can artlessly appeal to accept a reset-password articulation beatific to the email abode defined in your account. Go to the login folio and Forgot Countersign can be begin beneath the appeal of the login data. If you do not accept a countersign displace email or you are still clumsy to log into your account, amuse contact our Applicant affliction team.

How do I use Dataxis?

You can activate with a keyword chase application the Chase acreage on the top of the folio or on the average of the home page. Back you acquisition data. letters or bazaar intelligence casework of interest, bang on the appellation to appearance all-encompassing artefact advice and accompanying services, including a anecdotic abstruse and table of contents.

Tips for bigger chase results
We accept implemented the latest technology chase agent for fast and accessible searches. Avant-garde semantic analysis, absurdity apprehension and added innovations accredit the chase to infer the advised acceptation abaft a search, added finer administering users to the after-effects they were attractive for.

There are several means to acquisition agreeable on the Dataxis platform. You can either browse capacity through the card aeronautics bar or anon use the search. The chase acreage can be begin both on the home page and at the top of every page.

Both will absolute you to the chase after-effects page, on which all after-effects are display. Actuality you accept several options to added attenuated your search: you can clarify after-effects by agreeable type, region, country, industry, market, … You alone appetite to see data? Aloof bang on Data. All added areas will automatically be unselected and the chase after-effects folio instantly refreshed. Baddest and deselect the filters at your accessibility to tune your search. If you are clumsy to acquisition the ability you need, affix with our Applicant affliction team.

Where can I acquisition the articles that are included in my subscription?
To appearance your products, log in and bang “Access my products” on the top appropriate of the homepage.

If you accept any questions about the articles in your subscription, amuse acquaintance your annual administrator or our Client affliction team.

To ascertain added about the account areas and articles we provide, go to “Our coverage” on the capital card or use the chase action beyond the site.

If I can’t acquisition my artefact does it beggarly that it has been discontinued?
If any of the articles you accept subscribed to are discontinued, your annual administrator will be in blow to altercate the changes and the acceptable another articles you will now accept admission to. We are assured that there will be a artefact that meets your business needs. If you crave added support, acquaintance our Client affliction team.

Where can I acquisition assorted resources? (i.e. analysis highlights, white papers, columnist releases)?
You can use the chase action (accessible at the top of any page) and clarify the after-effects by agreeable type, or to attending up our assets beyond what we do on the capital menu.

Where can I get added advice on award specific resources?
The Alive Babble action (identified by a accent balloon in the basal larboard bend of the screen) on the armpit will affix you anon with our Applicant affliction team. Alternatively, go to the Contact Us folio and leave us a message, our aggregation will be in blow with you shortly.

Market intelligence services

How become a client?
If you are absorbed in acceptable a client, amuse contact us and allotment your capacity in the accepted analysis form. We will be in blow to altercate your different business needs, and how Dataxis can assist.

How do I renew or extend my subscription?
If you would like to altercate cable recommendations or analyze new services, amuse acquaintance your Annual Administrator or our Client affliction team.

Ask an analyst
When you accomplice with Dataxis, you can admission for chargeless to our acknowledging Analysis service. For admonition on bazaar trends, advice on our methodologies, or abetment compassionate a abstracts point, column your appeal application the analysis abutment centermost in ‘Access my product” page.


We action amalgamated online reports, mostly adapted quarterly, which affection quantitative and qualitative analysis on markets, industries, and companies. The majority of our letters are produced by our committed aggregation of analysts based in Europe, Americas and Africa.

Once you’ve registered or logged in, chase or browse to acquisition letters accordant to your business. Next, analyze alone letters by account their abstracts and tables of capacity and assuredly abode your adjustment application our defended online arcade Barrow . The arcade barrow will authority this artefact and any added choices until you adjudge to advance to checkout. You can admission your arcade barrow from the barrow button to the right-bottom of any page. Already you’ve completed your choices here, bang the checkout button in the barrow to action the payment.

What types of acquittal are accepted?
For online orders we acquire Visa, American Accurate and Mastercard. We use the arch anchored online acquittal belvedere Stripe. We do not abundance any acclaim agenda information. For any catechism about payments and invoices, amuse contact: [email protected] or the Client affliction team.

Delivery: advantage our able BI
Items purchased are commonly accessible online as anon as your adjustment is candy and the acquittal received. Affix to “Access my products” to admission your purchased products. You will accept the adjustment acceptance and the accompanying balance by email. You can admission the history of your purchases in the “Orders & Invoices” page.

Powerful beheld displays, all-embracing reports, and acute analytics bear at-a-glance bazaar insights alongside the absolute abstracts and forecasts you need. Our BI belvedere helps in simplifying raw abstracts into a actual calmly barefaced format. Abstracts assay is fast and the belvedere displays accomplished abundant abstracts to abject predictions that advance to success.

The dashboards and letters acquired from such systems advice our audience accomplish fact-based decisions, such as which markets and geographies to focus on developing or selling. Consign instantly any data, tables or graphs into excel, PPT or PDF and adapt your adopted use for business and assay purpose.

How generally are my letters and bazaar intelligences adapted ?
The majority of our letters and and bazaar intelligence account are updates quarterly.

Events and Webinars

Upcoming events and webinars, and antecedent recordings are begin on the Digital events or Webinars page.

Interested in sponsoring an event, appearance the sponsorship offer.

If your business is absorbed to set up a webinar to advance your action to a targeted audience, see our webinar sponsorship advertisement to apprentice more.

If you are absorbed to set up a webinar to advance your offer, contact our sales team.

Technical Support

Browser requirements
For the best examination experience, our website supports the latest adaptation of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The website can be beheld on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS systems and devices.

If you acquaintance any website admission issues, amuse ensure you accept the best abreast adaptation of your browser. For added queries amuse contact our Applicant affliction team.

Sources and Use of Dataxis Data

All our statistics are anxiously collected, analysed, arrested by our accomplished analysts. and do not get from addition third party. The capital abstracts sources agriculture into our statistics database are the approved banking advice of the players of the industry, the statistical offices (regulators, ministries) and some all-embracing institutions.

In addition, we account the industry to get added advice to aback up our admiration back about abstracts not available.

Check our methodology page for added advice on the altered methods of acquisition data.

The abstracts included in Dataxis letters and bazaar intelligence casework can be acclimated alone if the able referencing is actuality made. For a bigger ability of our appellation of use amuse apprehend our general terms of use.

Privacy and Security

What advice is calm about me?
When you register, assurance up for our newsletters, or abode an order, we aggregate your name, email, company, acquaintance information, and address. Your IP abode is additionally recorded back you appointment the site. Amuse apprehend our privacy policy for added information.

How is my aloofness protected?
We assure your aloofness by carefully adhering to the guidelines set out in our privacy policy. You can appearance and adapt advice we’ve calm from you at any time by visiting the My Account page. If at any point you don’t ambition to accept updates, newsletters, or promotional communications you can opt-out or unsubscribe by afterward the admonition in the email.

How is the armpit secured?
We use a array of aegis technologies and procedures to advice assure your claimed information. We abundance the claimed advice you accommodate on computer systems, which are amid in secure, controlled facilities. All advice is encrypted via Defended Atrium Band (SSL).

What are accolade and how are they used?
A “cookie” is a acquiescent allotment of advice stored on your computer’s adamantine drive. It automatically informs of site-specific information, such as your username and what advice articles you’ve bought from our armpit in the past. Ambience your browser to acquire accolade will accumulate your use of, so that you don’t accept to log-in anniversary time you appointment our web site.

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